The Board of Directors of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum is committed to honoring the life, the marvelous achievements, the continuing good works in government and the noble humanitarian goals of the Honorable Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Museum is proud to be the home of Arnold’s personal collection of weights, machines, equipment and memorabilia – which he personally designed, developed, built, modified and used daily in the early stages of his bodybuilding career.

In fact, it was this set of equipment that enabled him to develop his exceptionally massive and uniquely symmetrical body to absolute perfection – both the weights and his body have been emulated by millions of athletes and trainers for the past five decades.

This one-of-a-kind collection in the entire world is a testament to Arnold’s perception, intuition and God-given talent in knowing how to achieve not only his personal objective best physically – it also evidences his subjective ability to develop a strategy, compete tactically and triumph mentally at European, American and World class level – time and time again.

More than 100 photos, displays, images and videos complete this remarkable, authentic testament to a living legend in bodybuilding, sports, entertainment, politics, government, wellness, health, education, philanthropy and human welfare.

The list of his incredible series of victories and titles is quite phenomenal and reads like a historiography of the sport of bodybuilding including – Mr. Europe, Mr. World and Mr. Universe – as well as Mr. Olympia, no less than 7 times.

For all of these reasons – it is a well-kept but open secret that “The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum” is a fantastic tribute to the greatest bodybuilder of all time and very possibly the most famous man in world history.

Executive Director: Colonel Jack Kingston

Directors: Franz Jauk, Hans Neumayer, Egon Anderle



Hotel Paradies – Straßgangerstraße 380, A-8054 Graz, Austria

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